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Julia Thomsen

‘Saranghae’ By Julia Thomsen

The inspiring new song that Julia Thomsen has written and titled ‘Saranghae’ bestows even more beauty upon us. This new one, which was composed by the London-based creator is a pleasure for the ears from the very first second. The music exudes a sense of peace, and the piano touch that Julia brings to it …

AJ Whyte

Interview / AJ Whyte

Hello, AJ! Can you tell our readers a little about, ‘Back To The Water’? E.g, when did you come up with the idea for this song? I wrote the song in mid 2022. It is a story song inspired by media stories of the small boats crossing the channel and the tendency of the media …

Gary Mictian

‘I Die Every Night’ By Gary Mictian

The new song from Gary Mictian is ‘I Die Every Night’, and it is out now! It is a track full of life and will likely become a big success for the artist who hails from London. ‘I Die Every Night’ is a track that is packed to the gills with emotion from start to …

ily tbg

‘Meet Me in London’ By Ily Tbg

Thanks to Ily tbg and his most recent single, ‘Meet Me in London,’ an overwhelming sense of well-being permeates the air. Ily tbg is an artist who instantly proves his value on this new gem, and his work is easily comparable to that of some of the most well-known figures in his field. The new …


‘The One’ By Kingdumb

Kingdumb is back with a new tune that is sure to captivate listeners called ‘The One’. Kingdumb is bursting forth with an unrivalled intensity, and we are loving it! The beat is captivating from the very beginning to the very end, and it gets us bopping along with it as the synths create a whirling …

Brightwell And Moran

‘Bare Boards’ By Brightwell And Moran

Winners of the 2022 Talent Is Timeless songwriting competition, Brightwell & Moran (previously known as Radio Stranger) are back with “Bare Boards” via Jam Records London. The American acoustic duo had its start in the city of Portland, Oregon. This track was produced at the legendary Abbey Road studios, and it has a magnificent fusion …

Ricki Erik

‘Genreality’ By Ricki Erik

With the release of his new album, ‘Genreality’, available for streaming right now, Ricki Erik is bringing the feel-good groove to the masses! Erik’s vocals are infectious, and his performance style is more evidence of his top-tier abilities. While his vocal hooks quench our thirst, the music holds us glued to the speakers from the …


‘Carolynn’ By Ervin Munir

‘Carolynn’ is out now by Ervin Munir, a vocalist and composer originally from London. Ervin, who now calls Norfolk home, communicates his ideas artistically, drawing on his previous life experiences and speaks about being on the receiving end of depression. Ervin plucks his acoustic guitar with blissful quality, the tone satisfying our ears as he …

AJ Whyte

‘Back To The Water’ By AJ Whyte

You know how sometimes you listen to a song, and it instantly becomes one of your favourites? It is the feeling that I was left with after receiving AJ Whyte’s ‘Back To The Water’. I am in awe of the singer’s technique, and when he talks about finding new places to call home and discovery, …