Radar / ‘Why Are Hearts So Cold’ By Accept Cokies

Accept Cookies

As a music lover and enthusiast, I am thrilled to announce that London-based singer-songwriter Accept Cookies is set to release his new single, “Why Are Hearts So Cold,” on July 19. This track is the lead single from his forthcoming EP, Accept Cookies’ Guitar Songs, which also debuts on the same day. The song delves deep into the theme of emotional detachment, poignantly questioning why people can be so emotionally cold. It’s definitely a must-listen this summer!

Accept Cookies is renowned for his unique blend of Alternative, Folk Rock, and Art-pop, bringing a refreshing perspective to the music scene. He sees his music as a way to navigate and express his emotions: “My emotions don’t flow in a normal trajectory, and art is my language to understand and communicate them,” he shares. This genuine authenticity is woven through all his work, making him a standout voice in contemporary music.

Accept Cookies

A self-taught producer and songwriter, Accept Cookies has impressively mastered seven instruments and handles all his mixing and production independently. His dedicated approach involves drawing notes directly from his imagination and crafting them into sound without excessive external influences, resulting in a truly personal and unique musical style.

Inspired by legends such as Stevie Wonder, The Who, and Radiohead, Accept Cookies seamlessly blends nostalgic elements with modern textures. His background as an animator adds a visual dimension to his music, making his artistry even more distinctive and captivating.

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