Radar / ‘Get F’d Up’ By Kingdumb


The dynamic dance/electronic artist Kingdumb is returning with a bang, ready to ignite your speakers with his latest track, “Get F’d Up,” dropping this Friday, June 28th. This high-energy single is poised to be the summer anthem that will keep your heart pounding and your feet grooving!

“Get F’d Up” showcases Kingdumb’s exceptional studio prowess, delivering an explosive mix that stands out from the crowd. From the very first beat, you’ll be swept into a storm of electrifying sounds, a brilliant fusion that resonates deeply and compels you to move. Its complex layers and driving rhythms make this track an undeniable force on the dance floor.


Packed with relentless energy and a captivating beat, “Get F’d Up” captures the spirit of summer with its euphoric highs and deep, resonant basslines. Every pulse and crescendo is crafted to captivate and make dancing irresistible.

“‘Get F’d Up’ is about losing yourself in the moment and embracing the freedom the music brings,” says Kingdumb. “I aimed to create a track that not only sounds great but feels great—a track that embodies the summer spirit and makes you want to lose yourself in the rhythm.”

Are you ready to get hooked on the rhythm and feel the rush as “Get F’d Up” becomes your summer anthem? It drops everywhere on Friday, June 28th.