‘Felixstowe’ By Ervin Munir

Ervin Munir

Ervin Munir has the creative juices flowing again with the release of his new single ‘Felixstowe’. Speaking about a heartbreak and his partner having to go suddenly to Felixstowe, he expresses himself with sadness, looking back at the moment where the relationship evidently hit the breaks. Ervin Munir has never been afraid to express himself through his music and his heartfelt approach is felt on a deep level here.

The music on this track is particular exciting. There is a lap steel guitar by Aeron Z Jones which glues itself to the acoustic guitar performed by Ervin. Also, the drum cadence is unique with plenty of movement. Additionally, the vocals from Ervin are extremely catchy with the melody staying in my mind long after the song has reached the final note.

You can listen below.