New Music / ‘Everything You’ve Heard Is True’ By Akil B. Strange And Rodney Hazard

Akil B Strange

Akil B. Strange and Rodney Hazard captivate with the release of ‘Everything You’ve Heard Is True. The new album from the leading American hip hop maestros is out now!

‘Everything You’ve Heard Is True’ features a total of 13 mouthwatering tracks, the first of which, ‘Good Morning,’ acts as a precursor to the rest of the songs on the album. After that, we move on to the song ‘Weight On Me’, which, according to the statistics, is one of the most popular songs to come from the album. Given its high level of quality and infectious hook, there is a good reason why it has such a large fan base.

‘Rich Millie’ takes control of the current musical climate with its unconventional beat and strong vocal performance. The remaining tracks on the album each bring something unique to the forefront, and the album comes to a close with the song “Way Out,” which also features Z! G! We head back for another run-through since we can’t wait to hear more!