New Music / ‘Mean’ By Paraffin


The all-male fronted indie band from Portsmouth, known as Paraffin, have released a brand new track, ‘Mean’, which is available to enjoy now. Lock up yer daughters!

The music is so full of fervour that it’s bursting at the seams, and the many turns and twists, combined with Billy’s inimitable vocal, are enough to carve this firmly into the soul. The single, with its infectious appeal, is perfect for anyone who wants their music to be just a little bit different. In addition, the group continues to make progress while maintaining their allegiance to the scene around them.

The thing that strikes me the most about this track is the adrenaline that it gives; after hearing it, I can’t help but want to hit up the local indie basement, and that, to me, is an indication that the track is sound!