New Music / ‘Tipping Point’ & ‘The Shape Of Water’ By Karuna


With their two brand-new, breathtaking releases, “Tipping Point” and “The Shape of Water,” Karuna, the British band, have hit the nail squarely on the head.

The first line of Abigail’s song “Tipping Point,” “Tears falling, oceans rising,” is the opener of all openings. As she travels through her performance, the singer-songwriter is direct, and her urgency is apparent. It really is a thrill! The music enhances the experience, and the historic textures transport us back in time with sounds emerging that are not fully recognisable in today’s scene. Some younger audiences may have never heard these kinds of instruments before.

The second release, “The Shape of Water,” is similarly gorgeous and drips with compassion. The single starts with a lead guitar riff that rings out before a violin introduces us to Abigail’s main vocal. She shines a light on the world even more, and it is admirable how determined she is to inspire each of us to take action.