New Music / ‘Tender Love’ By Julia Thomsen

Julia Thomsen

When one listens to Julia Thomsen, they quickly get the impression that they have been whisked away to the utopian land of Shangri-la for a brief period. The new song that she has composed is called ‘Tender Love’, and it is possibly one of her most compelling works to date. Additionally, it is precisely what many people are looking for right now!

The song ‘Tender Love’ continues a motif that Julia has been working on for the past few years, and it gives the listeners a sense of being immersed in the natural world. In light of the fact that we practically get the feeling that we are stepping outside while we are listening to the classical piece, this move on Julia’s part is excellent.

A piano overture kicks things off, and it gradually makes its way to the foreground of the speakers, bringing with it the warmth of summer. A second piano arrangement soon emerges, delivering an entirely new degree of luminosity to the experience, elevating it to a new level of brilliance. As Julia guides us through the garden, we tiptoe around her relaxing tones that are spread out in front of us. We are following Julia, who is the tour guide.

Julia has won us over totally, and we cannot express how grateful we are to her for such a lovely experience.