New Music / ‘Keep On’ By Sabi Pitt

Sabi Pitt

Sabi Pitt offers the summer party vibes with his new album, ‘Keep On’. It is an album which reiterates the significance of being optimistic and that anything is attainable as long as we have our thoughts adequately aligned.

‘Keep On’ consists of 11 tracks, and each number has a unique flavour, making the album one of those albums that is easy to get lost in time and time again. It opens with the title track, ‘Keep On’ and a sudden rush of feel-good jumps out from the production. The Caribbean influence which Sabi has gathered over the years plays a vital role in the tune. The song joins us together, and Sabi’s ability to unify all is inspirational.

Arguably the most popular track on the album is, ‘I Want Some Money’ which appears three tracks into the new record. The streaming numbers for this one are skyrocketing, while for us, the others on the record are equally as alluring. Furthermore, a firm favourite around here is ‘Rock The Club’. The energy levels on this track are contagious, and we cannot seem to turn off the repeat button once it groove gets into motion.