‘Wide Awake’ By Lost Blonde

Lost Blonde

I am a sucker for a new pop song, and this month, Lost Blonde’s new single, ‘Wide Awake’, is ticking all my boxes and satisfying all of my pop music cravings. As a result of the fact that her newest tune has a sound that could easily fill a stadium, I am led to assume that Lost Blonde is on the verge of accomplishing something truly remarkable with her music. It may be too soon to tell, but in my opinion, she possesses the star qualities necessary to quickly climb the ranks in the scene.

She opens my eyes with a storyline that is really relatable, and ‘Wide Awake’ actually does make me feel awake for some reason. Her chorus is where she really shines, but there are parts throughout the track that kept me hooked the whole time!

You can listen below. Find out more about Lost Blonde here.