‘Happy Ever After’ By Marsha Swanson

Marsha Swanson

There are some songs that I listen to, and they truly impact me and make me reflect on my own life experiences. That is exactly what occurred when I first listened to ‘Happy Ever After’ by Marsha Swanson; the song moved me and made me think about the events I have had in my own life. I am of the firm belief that when you are writing a review for a song, you should really explain how it makes you feel, therefore that is what I shall do here.

When I think about the wonderful relationships I have with my family and friends, and how thankful I am for all of the priceless moments I have spent with them, the song “Happy Ever After” makes me feel a warm glow inside. Yet, it is also emotionally profound, and my feelings are like a rollercoaster ride, going up and down as there is also a melancholy aspect to it; yet, this adds to the overall experience, which is something that I take pleasure in because I appreciate being moved by music, and this new one by Marsha achieves just that!

You can listen below. Find out more about Marsha Swanson here.