Radar / ‘Carnage’ By Artinho Ft Matrace


Hey there fashionistas and music lovers, get ready to be dazzled because Artinho, the sensational rapper and songwriter hailing all the way from Dover, is about to unleash an absolute style storm with his highly anticipated single, ‘Carnage’. Brace yourselves as this explosive masterpiece is set to hit all major streaming platforms on August 4th, and trust me, you won’t be able to resist its electrifying energy!

Teaming up with the uber-talented producer and fellow artist, Matrace, Artinho is cooking up a fusion of pure magic that will leave you breathless. Drawing inspiration from the biggest names in the game, such as the iconic Kano, the visionary Kanye, and the legendary Daft Punk, these two artistic powerhouses have crafted a sound that’s as unique as it is rare in today’s scene.

Picture this: dark electronic elements merging seamlessly with a rock-solid hip-hop and rap foundation, all while Artinho’s passion oozes through every beat. It’s an experience that will transport you to a realm of musical euphoria!

From the very first note, the infectious beat will have you moving and grooving like you’ve never done before. With head-bopping bass hooks that can’t be resisted, Artinho’s rap delivery is fierce, demanding your undivided attention and effortlessly rivaling the best in the game.

But ‘Carnage’ isn’t just your typical track; oh no, it’s a powerful journey into Artinho’s soul and life experiences. His raw and passionate lyrics fearlessly unveil his story, weaving a compelling narrative that strikes a chord deep within.

Mark my words, the release of ‘Carnage’ will send shockwaves across the industry, cementing Artinho’s position as an emerging force to be reckoned with. So, save the date, August 4th, because this extraordinary piece of art will be available everywhere, and darling, you definitely won’t want to miss it! It’s time to let ‘Carnage’ take your senses on an unforgettable fashion-forward musical ride! 💃🎶🔥