‘Back To The Water’ By AJ Whyte

AJ Whyte

You know how sometimes you listen to a song, and it instantly becomes one of your favourites? It is the feeling that I was left with after receiving AJ Whyte’s ‘Back To The Water’. I am in awe of the singer’s technique, and when he talks about finding new places to call home and discovery, he makes it easy for me to put myself in his place.
After listening to some of his previous tracks, which were much more stripped back, the addition of drums and bass is one of the aspects of his new piece that I truly love. The new approach for the singer-songwriter is, in my opinion, a successful recipe, and the additional dynamic contributes even more fervour to the experience. Also, AJ’s voice sounds better than ever before, and I can already tell that this track is going to be one of my dearests in 2023.

Whyte has also released a live version from the studio too!

AJ Whyte can be found here – https://www.instagram.com/aj_whyte_music

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