Interview / Natasha Vroegindeweij


Hello, Natasha, It is great to speak with you; what do you love most about being a singer?

What I love the most about being a singer is being able to feel and express emotions through music and while singing

What is your first memory of music? 

My first memory of music is trying to write songs around age 7 at school break/lunches in a small writing book I had . I remember listening to my papas old cds and being really interested in the music . I aways wanted to sing when I was younger.

@ Natasha Vroegindeweij.

Your single, ‘Sometimes I Wonder’, when did you first come up with the idea?  

I came up with this song while going through a difficult time in my life and struggling with my emotions , I wrote this to express how I was feeling and thinking then and in the past.

Is there a particular artist who consistently inspires you? 

 am massively inspired with guccihighwaters, soft heart , and sad eyes. I also relate and feel their music so deeply , and feel inspired by their musical and production techniques.   Some artists who I used to listen to when I was younger are nirvana , within temptation , the scorpions , lady gaga , Michael Jackson.

What are you looking forward to most in 2023? 

I am mostly looking forward to being one step closer to hopefully starting a home studio for personal use , so I can experiment with production as well as singing and song writing , expanding my musical skills , knowledge and becoming the artist I want to be.