Interview / Saskia Griffiths-Moore


Hello, Saskia. Can you tell us about your journey as a singer-songwriter in the UK folk scene, and what inspired you to pursue this genre of music?

My journey as a singer-songwriter in the UK folk scene has been incredibly rewarding. I’ve always been drawn to the raw emotion and storytelling aspect of folk music, which I believe has the power to connect people on a deeper level. Growing up immersed in the rich musical traditions of the UK, I was inspired to pursue this genre as a way to honor my heritage and express my own experiences and observations.

How do you approach songwriting to ensure your music resonates deeply with your audience?

When it comes to songwriting, my approach is deeply personal. I strive to tap into universal themes and emotions that resonate with my audience while staying true to my own authentic voice. Whether I’m drawing inspiration from my own life or weaving together stories from the world around me, my goal is to create music that touches the hearts of listeners and invites them into my world.

“Imagination Baby” is wonderful. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the song and the creative process involved in its production?

“Imagination Baby” holds a special place in my heart. The song was inspired by a challenge from Chris Difford to write from the perspective of my childhood imaginary friend. It was a quirky and unexpected prompt, but it sparked something within me, and the creative process flowed effortlessly from there. Recording the song in the forests of Poland with an all-acoustic live band was a truly magical experience that brought the song to life in a way I couldn’t have imagined.

As someone who has captured the hearts of folk music fans globally, how do you balance traditional folk elements with contemporary influences in your music?

Balancing traditional folk elements with contemporary influences is something I approach with care and intention. While I have a deep respect for the roots of folk music, I also believe in pushing boundaries and exploring new sounds and textures. By blending traditional instrumentation with modern production techniques, I strive to create music that feels both timeless and relevant, honoring the past while embracing the future.

With the release of “Imagination Baby,” what message or emotion do you hope listeners take away from the song?

With the release of “Imagination Baby,” my hope is that listeners are transported to a world of whimsy and wonder. I want them to feel a sense of joy and nostalgia as they journey through the song, tapping into their own imaginations and rediscovering the magic of childhood. Ultimately, I hope the song leaves a smile on their faces and a warmth in their hearts.