Interview / Kingdumb


Congratulations on the release of “Eternally Never”! Can you share with us the inspiration behind the mixtape and how it reflects your evolution as an artist in the electronic music scene?

Thank you, hope you guys are well! The mixtape was born out of me having so many ideas and tracks that I wanted to showcase some of it. In terms of tracks themselves, they were usually driven by some sort of emotion, be it good or bad. It was also a case of telling a story even though it is a mixtape. There’s still something there in terms of being able to experience the music as the mixtape evolves. The name ‘Eternally Never’ was the irony of a few people around me thinking I’m wasting my time, but conversely me also thinking they will never get it. It’s the duality in everything.

“Eternally Never” has been described as a 12-track powerhouse with infectious beats and intense drops. How did you approach the production process to create such a dynamic and impactful mixtape? Were there any specific challenges you faced during its creation?

The main challenge I have is enough time to do everything I want to do! The production process was one track at a time (on the whole). It’s making sure each element sits right, and the elements themselves are also right for the tune. I love heavy underground music, so that has always been a big influence. 

The vocals on the mixtape are highlighted for wrapping themselves atop fist-pumping rhythms, creating a driving force. Can you tell us about your collaboration process with vocalists and how you aimed to achieve a perfect balance between vocals and production?

Yeah, in terms of vocals, I did some of it myself and experimented with stuff. There are a couple of samples, which just worked for those specific tunes. The opening track ‘If You Want Me’ I did remotely with an Australian vocalist. The balance of vocals and production can be quite weird, it’s always this tug of war between the vocal and the music. Because a lot of my music has thick drums it means you really have to spend time to get vocals to sit properly, and I always feel I can do better than I’ve done!

With the release now out and hitting the airwaves, how do you anticipate the mixtape resonating with your existing fan base, and what kind of impact do you hope “Eternally Never” will have on new listeners discovering your music for the first time?

I think people are really liking it. It’s got me some love from quite a few places globally. I just want new listeners to experience something different, something they can get lost in. Even if one track resonates with someone, I’ve done good.

“Eternally Never” is described as a thunderous preview of the sounds that await with your new album. Can you provide any insights into what we can expect from your upcoming album, both in terms of musical direction and the overall experience you aim to deliver to your audience?

Thank you. It will be a lot more musical and also will highlight key parts of my journey in life. The experience will be one of getting to know me, the person a little more than they do now. It will be a universe of sounds, all different stuff. X