Radar / ‘Near Life Experience’ By Marsha Swanson

Marsha Swanson

Progressive pop singer-songwriter Marsha Swanson, based in London, is set to unveil her highly anticipated 17-track album, ‘Near Life Experience’, on January 19, 2024. Get ready for a captivating journey into the new year as Marsha launches 2024 with an exquisite blend of soul-stirring melodies and profound storytelling, drawing inspiration from legends like Kate Bush and Carole King!

Following the success of her previous album, Marsha Swanson’s ‘Near Life Experience’ album cover is a visual masterpiece crafted by the renowned Storm Studios, known for iconic designs for artists like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Muse. Storm Thorgerson, the late design legend himself, curated Marsha’s last album cover, featuring it in his esteemed collection, “The Raging Storm.” The artwork beautifully mirrors the depth of Marsha’s musical expression.

‘Near Life Experience’ boasts production by multi-platinum-selling producer Iestyn Polson, recognized for his work with music icons such as David Gray, Patti Smith, and David Bowie. Henry (King Thumb) Thomas, known for his musical contributions to the BBC program Rockschool and collaborations with stars like Randy Crawford, Gloria Gaynor, Van Morrison, and Sarah Jane Morris, also contributes to the album’s production.

The album kicks off with ‘Facing Life,’ establishing the overarching theme that permeates all 17 tracks. Marsha Swanson introduces instrumental bookends, ‘Waltz for Life’ and ‘In Touch,’ symbolizing life’s beginnings and endings, with the songs in between reflecting the essence of life and the inseparable interplay of its highs and lows.