‘Thanks Coincidence’ By Francesca Luker

Francesca Luker

Throw me a soulful pop record, and I will be in my element; that is what Francesca Luker’s team did with ‘Thanks Coincidence’, her new five-track extended play!

A vocal spectacular from the get-go, I felt like I was in the hot seat at one of her live shows the moment she started belting out ‘Promise Land’. ‘Scream Out’ for me is a personal favourite, I can really sense that Francesca is getting a lot off her chest on this one. ‘Thanks Coincidence’, is also highly engaging, speaking about lifes random occurences which can sometimes pave a better future.

‘Sunshine’ is the second-to-last track, and it fills me with warmth. The final track, ‘Almost Healed, ‘ feels pertinent as Francesca expresses herself with heartfelt sincerity.

You can listen below.