Interview / Ervin Munir

Ervin Munir

‘Pick Up The Phone’ seems to push the boundaries of your signature folk style by incorporating elements of pop and indie. What inspired you to experiment with this new musical direction?

I had been listening to some more contemporary acoustic guitar driven songs, including Mumford & Sons and some theme tunes from new Netflix offerings and decided to create something with a similar feel. I also wanted to start with the guitar by itself naked in all its glory. 

The collaboration with Tina Blaber in ‘Pick Up The Phone’ is an exciting one! Can you tell us more about how this partnership came about?

Tina and I have co-written songs in the past and we perform together in a band called Cutting the Mustard. We are beginning to work on a band album together and I imagine we will work together in the future. I like her voice. 

Your music is known for its emotive and heartfelt compositions. Can you share the inspiration behind ‘Pick Up The Phone’?

Too many arguments go on for too long and they fester and they ultimately break the relationship. Talking calmly is the only way to avoid this. Doing it over the phone may in some way diffuse the high emotions. At least that’s my theory! I prefer to talk than let things fester.  

The instrumentation in ‘Pick Up The Phone’ is quite diverse, with compelling drum sequences and musical solos. How do you approach the arrangement and production process when crafting a song like this?

I experiment with different drum sequences and fiddle sequences until I find ones that I like. I have a sense of how the whole performance of the song should feel (crescendos, instrumentals, harmonies, general dynamics, etc.). I record me on acoustic guitar/piano and I add the lead and backing vocals. I talk with my producer Aeron Z Jones and he does his Magic to implement my vision. We then go back and forth until we end up with something we both like. 

Your fanbase and streams are going up and appear to be on an upward trend. Do you have any more releases lined up?

I released a new single on October 6th called “Fall From Grace” and will complete my first album before the end of the year.