Interview / Cathy Mpaka


Hello, Cathy. ‘Distorted Heart’ seems to carry a deep emotional weight. Could you share the personal experiences or inspirations that led you to write this song?

Hi! Yes, so DH was pretty much inspired by many movies that I watched growing up. I watched many romcoms that were randomly shown on TV & many love/heartbreak songs I’ve listened to & based off of that memory DH is the result of that. It often feels like that I pull out the words that I write down out of thin air, but I believe that it’s based off of numerous movies/songs that I watched/listened to when I was younger & that I watched/listened to currently. One movie that I currently watched was “In The Mood For Love” it’s a Chinese movie I believe. It’s a beautiful story & visually very pleasing to the eye.

Cologne has a vibrant music scene. How has the city’s atmosphere and culture influenced the sound and lyrics of ‘Distorted Heart’?

To be quite honest Cologne hasn’t really influenced me at all with the sound or lyrics. I’m a homebody & I don’t like to be outside. I listened to a lot of music online on YouTube or Spotify & i watch a lot of movies & later search up the soundtracks. Social media was also a big part in learning about a bunch of newer or senior singers. I’d say that that shaped my influence with the song.

On ‘Distorted Heart,’ your lyrics are both poignant and evocative. Can you take us through the creative process behind crafting the song’s lyrics and the emotions you aimed to capture?

Ya, sure can do! I remember that I was alone in my room. I don’t quite remember if I was listening to music or not. But my creative process behind writing any song is really just out of memory from what I’ve seen or heard before. Then I try to make my own kind of story. I put myself in the POV of a story that I’m trying to tell. DH used to be a more fleshed out story but through re-writing it got narrowed down to what it is now. I aimed to capture hurt that someone had caused & now you’re left alone with the feeling of abandonment, betrayal & confusion.

Musical styles can evolve over time. With ‘Distorted Heart,’ it seems you’ve ventured into a slightly different dance-pop territory. Do you foresee your future singles following a similar style?

Personally, I want my next single to not sound the same necessarily, but if it does that’s okay. I want my future singles/tracks to sound different from each other but make them interchangeably sound like me. I want to put my own personality into everything that I release in the future. I plan on making all kinds of music in the future. I want to be some kind of chameleon to my music journey, because I feel different everyday & I want my music to change with me.