Interview / Thoma And Kiko From Jejune


Great to meet you! You guys are in Leeds, right? What do you love most about the city?  

Thoma: Sick to virtually speak to you too.

Kiko: I feel like the first thing that struck a chord with me about Leeds is the amount of diversity and people from all walks of life in one place which brings an amazing opportunity to break conditionings and gain a broader sense of the world around us. Being able to do that through music is one of the best ways possible for me as Leeds is home to so many amazing music scenes of all variety. 

Loving the new track, ‘Boogie Juice’, is this one of many you are planning to release this year?  

Kiko: Indeed it is, we’ve got quite a few on the way and a truly special one called ‘Have A Nice Day’.

Sitting us somewhere between cheerful yet very in your face! With pound for pounds worth of energy that could even take big Mike Tyson on in a ring I reckon.

It’s going to be our next single so we can’t wait for everyone to tune in.

Can you remember when the idea of ‘Boogie Juice’ came about? 

Thoma: The track came from just lounging about messing around on the guitar. It started with the outro chords and melody, no words as of yet. The high energy was the main captivator for me, but I didn’t want to have that same energy throughout it so i felt like I needed to navigate a story with a beginning, middle and an end with this one. I wanted the song to be more of a progressive story allowing for me to feature a few different methods and allow my imagination to run wild which would help simulate the characters feelings to the listener. But I had to constantly bare in mind there was a beginning, middle and an end. Because of this I wanted to keep the beginning and middle simple in terms of the structure and harmony allowing for a big finish which diverted into something a little different. The lyrics were only born out of my imagination, the tv inside my head that aired the whole storyline for me. I think I was just in the passenger seat holding the map really.

What do you get up to when not working on music?  

Kiko: We’re both chefs with a big dream. We want to flip this round though and live our big dream in Music and do the chef thing as a hobby. I guess like a lot of us we have our past times that keep us occupied and we both recently decided to take boxing back up.

What is your favourite song of all time?  

Kiko: Oh! Thats hardly a fair question, ill give you 3. 

  • Idles – Danny Nedelko 
  • Turnstile – Blackout 
  • Hector Lavoe – Aguanile