‘Fall Apart’ By Ervin Munir X Aeron Z Jones


The new track ‘Fall Apart,’ which was just released by Norfolk-based musician Ervin Munir and Aeron Z Jones, is a passionate and extremely engaging new offering that demonstrates Munir’s talents as a singer-songwriter.

The focus of ‘Fall Apart’ centres on the idea of working towards change and encouraging progress in oneself as well as in others. It is a folk-release in essence, but it has a variety of different undertones reaching out, which distinguishes it from other releases in the folk field. The way in which Munir delivers his vocals, which are delivered with power and feeling, is one of the track’s highlights. He doesn’t waste any time getting to the meat of his sermon and his words provide food for thought.

‘Fall Apart’ features a rich soundscape, which come together to produce a sound that is full and interesting. You can experience it for yourself below.