New Music / ‘Senses’ By Julia Thomsen

Julia Thomsen

In recent years, Julia Thomsen has emerged as one of my favourite composers, and with each new release she puts out, she never fails to stir my emotions. Her PR team has only recently sent me her new EP, ‘Senses’, and I must say that listening to it is a breath of fresh air.

The British composer, who hails from the United Kingdom, is not afraid to share her creative spaces with people with similar perspectives. This approach has proven successful, as evidenced by the addition of remixer T_Mo on this EP.

The piano warms my ears leads as the opening track on the EP, ‘Sea Energise’, finds its way out of the speakers. This song stays faithful to Julia’s prototypical sound. So much so that when I’m with Julia, I’m transported to a realm of tonality, and the electric elements that arise from T Mo embed themselves deeply within me.

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