New Music / ‘Who Am I To You?’ By Rofi James

Rofi James

Rofi James are a Galway-based band that we knew we had to write about the moment we heard their latest single, ‘Who Am I To You?’.

Since they combine several different styles into one cohesive whole, the band does not fit the mould of your standard indie pop group. They possess distinctive qualities, enabling them to forge their own path forward. The song “Who Am I To You” is exceptionally catchy. The vocals have an edge that many listeners find appealing, especially those who prefer their vocalists to have a bit of ‘oomph’ under the hood.

Musically, there is an exciting progression here on this tune, and the guitars, bass, and drums combine to create a stadium-filling atmosphere. As the year progresses, this aura will place these chaps on the radar of even more people.

Check it out below.